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Jason Gisser show 1/15/2021: Guest Alice BrightSky

Soul Mouth Records

Jason Gisser talks with Alice BrightSky as she releases her new single American Town. You will hear some of Alice's songs including her new single American Town and some great conversation from writing, to the industry. Just check it out.

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Jason Gisser Show Guest on 5/21/19: John Regan

John Regan

Jason Gisser talks with John Regan about his music career and the future of the industry and we play some music for John from our original independent artist, hear what he has to say.

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Jason Gisser Show Guest 8/27/20: Daisy Jopling

Daisy Jopling Illumination Series at Bannerman Castle

Jason talks with Daisy Jopling about her concert series at the castle ruins on Bannerman Island called Illumination, and her music career that took her around the world to what is now her home.

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