Soul Mouth Radio's first live show, Computer Crashes, and Soul Mouth Store

So soul Mouth Radio has been running for over a year now and we have surely had our ups and downs. Our computer that ran the entire station fried. But we got a new one that is super fast and has tons and tons of memory. We currently have over 500 songs on Soul Mouth Radio's play list. We are still looking for a strong core of reliable DJ's to help us spread all this amazing original independent music. We have also been looking for a new home for the station. There is allot going on. We also promoted our first show and recorded the entire thing and it is in rotation on Soul Mouth Radio. We will be doing more of these shows. It was a huge success. Ian Flanigan, Marc Von Em and Jason Gisser Live at the Falcon Underground. Tune in and listen for when they play it.
    Also we now have a Soul Mouth Records store. It's a great way to support the station and the Original Independent Music scene. You can see the store in the menu. It's also on the Soul Mouth Radio page.

As always thank you for tuning in and supporting original independent artists, and keep spreading the word about Soul Mouth Radio.