The begining of a new label, the trial and error, the long road ahead.

(5/31/18) Building the Record Label for today with the artist with music you can feel in mind. 
So it begins. A long road with allot of trial and error to start a record label with the artist who want's to focus on their music in mind. The idea for Soul Mouth Records is find original sounding artists you can feel. We are not looking for the artists that sound like everyone on the radio. Were not looking for the safety in music were looking for those who are willing to bleed their souls into their music so much that people can just close their eyes and feel it, all while having their own original sound. Artist who will push their range, who will reach deeper into their soul and let it out in their music. Artists that paint pictures of long winding pathways and scenic bridges, in the listeners mind. Artist's that play music simply because they need to. This is what we are looking for because, this is what makes people not just like an artist, it makes them love an artist. We will utilize every new way for artists to make money in an ever changing digital market place as well as finding ways for them to earn money in a revival of an analog world also. We will create revenue with Soul Mouth Booking's, Soul Mouth Radio Streams and the Soul Mouth Store. We will create buzz with Soul Mouth Magazine and Soul Mouth Marketing as well as with the Soul Mouth PR division. We will recreate the record industry to meet an ever changing music world. Our goal is to build the label as we build the artists. Were not looking for an artist to have ten thousand fans, were looking for them to have music good enough that we can help them get to one hundred thousand fans. With a strong roster, a digital radio station, some good PR, and focused marketing we will do our best to make that happen.